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B and B  Parrotlets (Rick and Monica Boester) produce and distribute some the the highest quality Parrotlets available! Boester's Parrotlets is located in Loves Park, Illinois. We specialize in Pacific Parrotlets and breed many exciting color mutations! Colors that we breed are: green, blue, yellow, dilute blue (white), pastels, pieds and turquoise. We also breed  White Bellied Caiques and exciting  news, we are working with Bronze Winged Pionus and African Capes P.f.f. 

Monica has been on me for some time to put some of the emails we received back from customers. Although I have lost many emails throughout the years I was able to find a few that can be read thru this link. I am particularly fond of the email from Peter at the monastery in Mn. Testimonials

Parrotlets are the smallest parrot available and have a normal lifespan of 15-20 years. Their talking ability is limited compared to their larger cousins, but are just as much fun, if not more than a larger bird. Being small and quiet, they are perfect for the apartment dweller. They love their human interaction. We have had wonderful responses from our buyers expressing how much they love and are loved in return by these great little companions.

We take pride in being a closed aviary and breeding quality Parrotlets. You will not find us at bird fairs. We use only the best cages, feeders, water bottles and nest boxes for our birds comfort. Our Parrotlets are fed a variety of foods, including, fruits, vegetables, egg food, soft food, pellets, cuttlebone and seed.  Each and every one of our babies are hand fed and given daily individual interaction.  All are allowed to fledge.  Our babies go to their new  homes knowing how to step up and are fully weaned. 

We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about parrotlets.

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