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We do commercial airline shipping to states not listed below. There is a delivery charge when meeting in the states below. 

If you are unable to pick up your bird or birds from our Aviary, we are willing to work out alternative arrangements in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana.
We want our parrotlets to reach their new homes as stress free as possible.


Pictured is a dilute Turquoise.

Below is information of our Pacific Parrotlets as of 01/13/2014. All of our birds are hand feed and fully weaned when ready for sale. Individual hatch dates along with pedigrees are available.  Visit our new testimonials page !


We are currently sold out of parrotlets but do have babies in the nest box.




  Male Price Female Price
Green $150-$175 $125-$150
Blue $175 $150
Dilute (American Yellow) $200 $175
Dilute Blue (American White) $200-$250 $200
Pastel (Green / Blue / Yellow) $200 - $275 $175 - $250
Lutino (Yellow with Red Eyes) $250 $225
Green Pied (Green with Yellow) $200 - $350 $175 - $250
Blue Pied (Blue with White) $225- $275 $200 - $300
Turquoise $225 - $600 $225 - $350